Grateful Diver’s
School of Diving

Bob (Grateful Diver) Bailey

NAUI Instructor 41751

Advanced Scuba Diver

Scuba Diver

This course is a logical follow-on to the Scuba Diver class. It is tailored to the certified diver who wants to focus on developing skills for diving in more challenging conditions.

It includes classroom sessions of six to eight hours in a workshop-style setting. The academic portion of the course provides in-depth discussion of topics such as dive planning, gas management, buddy skills, buoyancy control, navigation techniques, night and limited visibility diving, deep diving, and search and recovery techniques. In addition to the standard NAUI Advanced Scuba Diver student kit, you will be given a workbook written by me that covers these topics with a unique perspective toward Pacific northwest diving.

The class includes six dives. Each dive focuses on specific skills, while providing a progression that allows the student to practice skills introduced in previous dives. These dives will allow you ample time to practice navigation skills, buoyancy control, and good buddy skills in a variety of settings. You will learn how and when to use such diving tools as spools, reels, surface marker buoys, and lift bags.

This is a challenging class for the diver who is serious about acquiring skills not typically taught at the Advanced Open Water level.