Grateful Diver’s
School of Diving

Bob (Grateful Diver) Bailey

NAUI Instructor 41751

Master Diver

Scuba Diver

This course is NAUI’s most comprehensive and challenging advanced diving program. It provides the knowledge of a dive leader, and is mandatory for anyone thinking to pursue the NAUI professional status of divemaster or instructor. The Master Diver course is for the diver who seeks to gain a deeper understanding of the physical realities of scuba diving, while reducing their exposure to unnecessary risk and gaining the ability to make more informed in-water decisions. The program emphasizes the development of higher-level knowledge and the development of superior diving skills.

The course consists of at least five classroom sessions and eight open water dives. The classroom portion of the course focuses heavily on dive equipment, the physics and physiology of diving, dive planning and management, decompression, dive and rescue management, and search and recovery techniques.

Scuba Diver2

The core practical sessions will cover considerations required for night diving, low visibility diving, search techniques, light salvage, and deep diving. During the dives, heavy emphasis is placed on managing your buoyancy while task loaded, team diving and communication, gas planning and management, proper weighting and trim, and overall awareness of your surroundings.

The NAUI Master Diver certification is one of the most respected recreational certifications available, as the dive community knows what training these divers have achieved.