Grateful Diver’s
School of Diving

Bob (Grateful Diver) Bailey

NAUI Instructor 41751

Scuba Diver

Scuba Diver

The NAUI Scuba Diver course is your first step in the underwater adventure. The course gives you the basic knowledge and skills you need to interact safely with equipment, dive buddies and the aquatic environment.

You will begin in the classroom by learning the basic principles of scuba diving. You will learn how to assemble and use scuba equipment, the principles of safe recreational diving, how scuba diving affects your body, and how to plan a dive. This will be followed by diving skills development in a pool, where you will be under the direct supervision of your NAUI instructor. Then we will complete the class by applying your skills in an open water environment. You will perform five scuba dives with your instructor, demonstrating the skills you learned in a pool and practicing them in a real-world environment. Once certified, you will be qualified to enjoy some of the best diving anywhere in the world … right here in your own back yard, the Puget Sound.

This class is by appointment only, as a private or semi-private class.